The Mellon Public Humanities Project

The Mellon Public Humanities Project

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers):

Q: What is the basic purpose of the grant program?

A: Hunter College has received a large grant from the Andrew W. Mellon foundation to create advanced research opportunities for undergraduate students in Public Humanities.

Q: What is Public Humanities?

A: Public Humanities is an evolving interdisciplinary field and set of practices that draw on humanistic modes of inquiry to help address pressing concerns in the public sphere and open new avenues of civic engagement. Some examples of Public Humanities themes are: “Art and Activism”; “Monuments and Memory”; “Cultural Appropriation and Translation”; “Environmental Crises and Social Change”; “Authenticity, Fiction, Representation”; “Public Space and Civic Life”; “Migrants, Refugees, and the Construction of Race”; “Democracy and Inclusion and the Public Good”; “Music, Sound Art, and the Public Good.”

Q: What are some examples of Public Humanities Projects?

A: Students can access a comprehensive list of funded projects at Humanities For All

Q: What Counts as Humanities?

A: Humanities disciplines at Hunter include:

Africana, Puerto Rican, and Latino Studies; Art and Art History; Arts Management; Asian American Studies; Classical and Oriental Studies; Comparative Literature; Dance; English; Environmental Studies; Film and Media Studies;  German; History; Human Rights; Jewish Studies; Music; Philosophy; Religion; Romance Languages; Theatre; Urban Studies; and Women and Gender Studies; some concentrations in Anthropology, Education, Geology, Political Science, Social Work, and Sociology may also have a humanities emphasis.

Q: In what ways will I collaborate with professors?

A: Students will be assigned individual faculty mentors and will meet regularly with them to discuss independent study projects.  They will be able to present and share their research in Public Humanities symposia and outside conferences.

Q: What will the grant prepare me to do?

A: Students’ intensive research and seminar participation might serve as a springboard for graduate studies (masters or Ph.D.), or it might help pave the way for careers in the arts or in public affairs.

Q: How much money will I receive for participating?

A: A total of $3,000

Q: I am a transfer student. Can I still apply?

A: All Hunter students with over sixty credits are eligible to apply. But at least 15 credits must have been earned at Hunter.

Q: What do I need to do to apply?

A: A completed application will include:

*a personal statement up to 200 words describing who you and why you want to pursue a public humanities project

*a description of no more than 500 words on your topic of interest and the ideas you’d like to develop with a faculty mentor

*a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, emailed from them separately to carolyn.mcdonough@hunter.cuny.edu

Q: When is the application due?

A: The application deadline is Monday, April 29, 2019.

Q: Where can I access the application in order to apply?

A: The Mellon Public Humanities Grant at Hunter College Application

Students with questions not addressed on this FAQ may contact: carolyn.mcdonough@hunter.cuny.edu

Mellon Grant Announcement pdf